Nedap Talks: agile software architecture: myth or reality?

Software Architecture: myth or reality?

A good software architecture enables agility. Do it the right way and you will be able to adapt to the ever changing world and have happy users; do it the wrong way and you will be stuck with software that is so hard to change that it is outdated by the time it is released.

The second session of Nedap Talks, held at September 10th 2015 in Spinnerij Oosterveld in Enschede, was all about software architecture and how to use this in your advantage as a developer or tech lead. We’ve invited Eltjo Poort, Pieter Versteijnen, Stephan van Rooden and Simon Brown to inspire our attendees on this topic and to help them get top notch ideas how to build better software. We ended our Talk with a panel discussion, to challenge our speakers (and the public) to give their best.


  • Eltjo Poort: Lead Expert on Solution Architecture at  CGI in The Netherlands and best known for his work on Risk- and Cost-Driven Architecture, a set of principles and practices for agile solution architecting. Read more about his ideas at
  • Pieter Versteijnen and Stephan van Rooden: in their jobs as Technical Agile Coach (Pieter) and Agile People Developer (Stephan) at Prowareness they experienced that architecture plays a crucial role in a successful agile transformation and therefore eager to share good practices on how to involve architecture in an Agile Transformation.
  • Simon Brown: works as an independent consultant, helping teams to build better software. He is also an award-winning speaker (QCon, O’Reilly, CraftConf, Devoxx, etc.) and the author of Software Architecture for Developers.

We ended this second Nedap Talk event with a  Panel Discussion about agility and software architecture. Watch the recording of the panel discussion as well as the recordings of the speakers at the right side of this page.


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